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T-Rex Reptile Terrarium Substrate - TerraMix Forest Bed & Coconut Bark

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TerraMix Forest Bed & Coconut Bark are two premium substrates provided separately in each bag. Both are 100% natural and are made from coconut husk. TerraMix Forest Bed & Coconut Bark allows you to create your own natural environment in your terrarium with the two substrates provided. You can either use one of the suggested methods to mix, layer, design, or divide, or use your own creativity to create a natural environment for your pet. Both are an ideal substrate for frogs, toads, salamanders, lizards, snakes and tortoises that require a tropical, humid environment. The substrate will help keep your pets environment humid if kept damp and both can be used with live plants. Each bag has 4 qts of Forest Bed  & 2 qts of Coconut Bark.