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T-Rex Cricket Diet Dust Super Food

T-Rex Cricket Diet Dust Super Food


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T-Rex Cricket Diet Dust ILF is the perfect gut-loader for your crickets. It is a nutrient, mineral, protein, and vitamin rich balanced diet designed to increase the nutritional value of insects before they are fed. This powder will be gobbled up by the crickets for immediate delivery into your pet. The cricket then becomes the perfect, well-rounded meal. Cricket Diet Dust is recommended that it be used in conjunction with T-Rex Calcium Plus products to maximize the nutrition of feeder insects.

Alfalfa Leaf Meal, Defatted Wheat Germ Meal, HempSeed Meal, Brewers Yeast, Bee Pollen, Calcium Caseinate (source of isolated protein) Calcium Carbonate, Fig Powder, Dicalcium Phosphate, Yeast Culture, Spirulina Algae, RoseHips powder, Kelp meal, Haemotococcus Algae, Marigold Extract, Rosemary Extract, Yucca Extract, Natural Mixed Tocopherols (as a preservative), Vitamin A acetate, D-Activated Animal Sterol (Source of Vitamin D-3)

  • Crude protein, min 20%
  • Crude fat, min 3%
  • Crude fiber, max 10%
  • Moisture, max 8%
  • Ash, max 6%
  • Calcium (Ca) min 9.5%
  • Calcium (Ca) max 10.5%
  • Phosphorus(P), min .7%
  • Vitamin A Acetate 17,500 IU/Kilo
  • Vitamin D-3, min 3,500 IU/Kilo

Feed to insects in a shallow dish for 24 hours prior to their being used as feed items. Also make Cricket Diet Dust available in your animals enclousre so that crickets that are not consumed immediately have an available food source. Hungry crickets can injure your animal, and will loose nutritional value without a continuous source of good nutrition. Not for human consumption.