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T-Rex TerraBuild 36 x 18 x 24 Reptile Glass & Screen Terrarium


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Price: $389.99
  • Double Front Doors
  • Glass & Screen Sides
  • Removable screen top
  • Closable inlets for wires and tubing
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Raised bottom frame for heaters
  • Easy to assemble

The T-Rex Reptile Glass Terrarium is a perfect housing for your reptile or amphibian. The front opening doors allow easy access for feeding and maintenance and can be locked with a specially designed lock.

The locking screen top is removable for easy access for decorating and cleaning. It has closable inlets for wires, tubes, and sensors. The screen allows ventilation and UVB and Infrared penetration.

The terrarium also has a cable pass inlet on the side which can be used for wire, tubes and sensors.

The bottom section of the terrarium is water proof which makes it perfect for amphibians or the aquatic part of a paludarium. Or it is ideal for thick layers of substrates for burrowing reptiles. The bottom glass is raised to allow a substrate heater or heat cable to be mounted underneath to heat all or part of the ground surface.

The T-Rex Terrarium is very easy to assemble (see assembly video). It will ship well in our tough box and extra Styrofoam for our box-inside-a-box packaging design for better protection.