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T-Rex Reptile Terrarrium Decor - Rainforest Rapids

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Rainforest Rapids simulates the shoreline of a tropical forest stream with a pond and waterfall. Rainforest Rapids allows you to create your very own paludarium, a terrarium and aquarium in one, by having aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals together. By using the Rainforest Rapids as a base, it makes it easy to create a paludarium, because it provides a water area for the fish, a shoreline area for the semi-aquatic animals and a canopy area for the arboreal animals living in the plants and vines. A small waterfall can be created that runs from the top of the Rainforest Rapids to the water area at the bottom by adding a small water pump, with an output of around 40 gallons per hour at one foot high (not included). And because Rainforests Rapids is made out of a high density foam, when the water pump is added and the waterfall creates circulating water, it becomes a very efficient biological filtration as well as a hydroponic system for growing plants. Rainforest Rapids is only recommended for small, ground-dwelling, moisture loving species of animals at low densities, like poison frogs, mantilla frogs and fire bellied toads. In the water section the following species have done well; Least Killifish, Endler’s livebearer, Guppies and Freshwater crabs. Recommended live plants are ones that will stay small. Rainforest Rapids is 24"W x 15"D x 12.25"H.