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T-Rex Reptile Terrarium Decor - Rockview Caverns Hide

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Rockview Caverns provides instant landscaping to your terrarium. Rockview Caverns has a cutout shelter that allows viewing, a standard shelter, basking and climbing areas. It provides environmental enrichment for a wide range of animals, including leopard and other terrestrial geckos, small climbing lizards, such as juvenile bearded dragons, small snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions. Rockview Caverns will help enhance the humidity in your pet’s environment. It is made of open-celled foam that will allow water to penetrate and be temporarily stored and create a humidity gradient desirable for a wide variety of animals. This is particularly recommended when reptiles are shedding their skin. Rockview Caverns is made out of high density foam.  Rockview Caverns is 10.5"W x 9"D x 6.25"H.